Everything you would like to know about argan oil

It is said that argan oil takes care of hair, scalp and the whole human body in the best way. If you use it regularly, you will look much more beautiful and feel much better at the very beginning of the treatment. Check the properties of argan oil.

Argan oil is extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree. The plant is found only in Morocco where locals take care of the plantations. Women deal with pressing the oil. The rest of the tree is used to make furniture and daily use items. Natural argan oil has a characteristic nut scent, and orange and red colour. A cold-pressed and unrefined oil has most nutritional ingredients because it contains vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. These components improve condition of the skin, strengthen the hair, lower cholesterol, slow down skin ageing processes. If you really want to be healthy, use argan oil regularly. Remember to store it in a proper way: away from light, dampness and air. The shelf life of natural argan oil is about two years.

What are the qualities of argan oil?

Argan oil is a versatile conditioning product. If your skin is dry, the product is going to moisturise and soothe it. You are struggling with acne? Argan oil is going to reduce pimples and remove blackheads. If you are turning 40 soon, it is high time to take care of your skin. Try out argan oil which smooths wrinkles. What is more, it strengthens nails and lightens up under-eye shadows. How does argan oil work on hair?

Many people say that argan oil is the best cosmetic designed for hair and scalp care. The product makes your hairstyle look better as well as offers healing and nourishing properties. Argan oil rebuilds split ends, smooths and adds shine. Moreover, it deeply nourishes, moisturises and locks in moisture and keratin. Argan oil makes your strands manageable and easy to detangle; blow-drying takes up little time. What is more, the oil protects from UV radiation, environmental pollution and other external factors. It hinders hair loss, reduces dandruff and soothes scalp irritation. It is ideal for hair oiling and as an ingredient of hair masks.

How to use argan oil?

You can apply argan oil as often as you need. If you want to improve condition of your hair, rub the oil in the scalp, leave in for 30 minutes and wash down with a mild shampoo. You can also add argan oil to a hair mask. Pour a few drops of the oil to your favourite mask, mix well and apply to hair and/or scalp.

Argan oil is very effective during hair oiling. Apply large amount of the oil to dry or slightly damp hair; remember about hair ends and scalp. Next, put on a shower cap and towel. Leave it in overnight, wash your hair with a delicate shampoo in the morning.