Use Argan Oil In Your Hair Care Routine. Where Can You Find It?

The cosmetic industry wouldn’t exist without argan oil and its properties. Argan oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world. How is it possible that you can find it in so many beauty products? How not to get tricked? It is high time to meet the best products with argan oil.

We should start by explaining what argan oil is and what properties it has.

Argan Oil – cold-pressed from the Argania nuts in a very longsome process. The traditional process involves hand-pressing. Today, mechanical extraction is getting more and more popular. Argan oil has various medical properties (lowers the level of bad cholesterol and improves blood flow) and beauty benefits that are used more often.

Cold-pressed Argan Oil:

  • has antioxidant properties and prevents ageing processes,
  • soothes inflammation, symptoms of allergies and irritation,
  • protects the epidermis from the sunlight and high temperature,
  • speeds up wound healing and repair.

Liquid gold of Morocco. What is Argan Oil composed of?

Argan oil owes its amazing qualities to the rich composition. Argan oil is called the Moroccan liquid gold because it contains anti-inflammatory phytosterols, tocopherols (e.g. vitamin E), carotenes, squalene, saturated and unsaturated acids. The oil contains the majority of unsaturated fatty acids: 43-49% of omega-9 acids, 29-36% of omega-6 acids and 11-15% of saturated palmitic acid.

The diversity of nutrients places argan oil on the podium in the competition for the best hair and scalp oil.

DISCOVER best hair products with Argan Oil

» Nanoil Hair Oils
» Agadir Argan Oil
» Revlon Orofluido, oil, conditioner and mask
» Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco
» Moroccanoil hair treatment

Due to the popularity of argan oil, there are lots of hair products with argan oil available on the market. Its quantity is different depending on the product. We cannot choose at random: we should pick best products in which argan oil is accompanied by other natural oils. The composition plays the key role. Nanoil Hair Oils make an excellent example – the combination of best oils rich in fatty acids that ideally match specific hair structure.


Nanoil Hair Oils definitely make the most interesting choice in this comparison of the best hair products with argan oil. The series offers three products; each one focuses on tackling the problem of a specific hair type. Nanoil for Low Porosity Hair works for hair that needs protection. It boosts volume, facilitates styling and speeds up blow-dry time. Another version – Nanoil for Medium Porosity Hair – is intended for frizzy, dry, brittle and dull hair. Last but not least – Nanoil for High Porosity Hair – is created for damaged, dehydrated and split hair.

All Nanoil Hair Oils guarantee maximum effectiveness because they reach the source of the problems. They create a delicate, non-overburdening protective layer on the hair but easily penetrate the hair and work inside. Nanoil Hair Oils are among the very few oils that can be applied to the scalp thus they nourish the bulbs. A healthy scalp is a path leading you to beautiful hair.

Although Moroccanoil products still enjoy great popularity and break sale records, we must admit that not every woman will find her favourite among them. Nanoil Hair Oils make a much better solution than Moroccanoil Original Treatment and Moroccanoil Treatment Light. Theoretically, one of them is intended for normal hair and the other works for blonde and bleached hair. What about damaged and dehydrated hair? Or healthy-looking hair that resists heat-styling? Reaching the source of the problem is necessary, not only masking the problem with a set of silicones.

The asset of Nanoil Hair Oils is that they match hair porosity. There is no other range of products that are inspired by the relationship between hair anatomy and properties of oils. Let’s take a closer look at a quite popular Revlon Orofluido Elixir. It is a versatile hair oil composed of three natural oils, including argan oil. These oils fail to make a good match because each fits different hair structure. Their work can be disturbed, which results in poorer effects.

Why is it relevant to choose products with argan oil in combination with other products? Nutrients have some characteristic qualities but intensifying them by other substances often delivers better results. Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment – designed for professional hairstyling treatments – is a natural and certified formula. Sadly, this is an example of a product that contains argan oil in combination with some harmful silicones, colourants, fragrances and preservatives.

The quality of argan oil in a given product is as important as its quantity. For example, if we take a look at Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco, we see it is not an ideal product. Argan oil can be found in the cosmetic in trace amounts whereas it includes much more damaging, dehydrating alcohol. We should always look for products in which argan oil is the key and most important ingredient.