Moroccan elixir of youth – argan oil. 

hair.jpgArgan oil – where does it come from?

Argan oil is a light yellow substance with a delicate, nutty scent. It is obtained from the kernels of the argan tree Argania spinosa L. (often called the ‘tree of life’). Argan oil, used for cosmetic purposes is often brighter than the one used in the kitchen. It is worth remembering that the regions where these trees grow, are the cleanest and least contaminated areas of the world (in the 90’s – these have been listed by UNESCO as a biosphere preserve).

Argan oil – how does it work as a cosmetic?

Cold pressed argan oil preserves all valuable components, that are necessary in the care of both hair and body. Additionally, it is natural, does not cause allergic reactions, does not irritate and does not have comedogenic properties. You can surely say that it is a natural, pure and pristine elixir of beauty.

What is more, argan oil is a versatile product that can replace a variety of drugstore cosmetics.

Argan oil – how to use it?

Argan oil is a comprehensive cosmetic. You can use it on your entire body, hair and nails:

  • on damp or dry hair as a mask used before shampooing,
  • on damo hair after washing – as a leave-in conditioner,
  • on dry wisps, as a product responsible for adding shine, conditioning and protecting against damages,
  • on hair ends as a serum preventing splitting,
  • as an overnight treatment, regenerating and rejuvenating hands
  • as a tanning oil (and after tanning lotion),
  • as a protection from fine lines and a serum smoothing already formed wrinkles,
  • on irritated and dry skin for deep regeneration,
  • massage oil (especially for places with cellulite and stretch marks),
  • as a serum for dry cuticles and nails,
  • as a means fighting dandruff,
  • as a treatment used for moisturising and regenerating feet (add a few drops to your bath)

What dose argan oil comprise?

Argan oil contains a diversity of fatty acids of the omega-9 group (49% oleic acid) and those form omega-6 group (up to 36% linoleic acid). Therefore, people with high porosity hair (very thin and damaged) as well as medium porosity hair, can reach for this product. Apart from the above mentioned acids, argan oil also contains a high amount of vitamin E, called the vitamin of youth. This is why this product is considered to be the best cosmetic for slowing down ageing processes of hair and skin. What is more, deficiency of vitamin E contributes to the formation of fine lines and excessive hair loss. Strands become dull, brittle and lack resilience.

Argan oil also regulates processes taking place on the skin. It will stop excessive secretion of sebum and moisturise those areas that are dry and irritated. Furthermore, it protects hair and skin from the damaging effects of weather conditions and prevents toxins from penetrating into cells. Additionally, it will prevent hair from mechanical damage and hot air produced by blow-dryers.

Not without reason agran oil has been called the Moroccan elixir of youth.